Ascent’s Biofeedback & Neurofeedback Services

At Ascent, we offer biofeedback, neurofeedback and counseling services. With a holistic approach, our goal is to help the clients tackle the root of the problem instead of just the symptoms. By doing biofeedback, the client gains awareness of what is going on in their body and empowers them to utilize learned skills in their daily lives.

Biofeedback has been around since the 1970s, but it is a rather new concept society is adopting. It works through self-regulation and incorporates technology with mental health care. Sensors are placed on the body and measure brain activity, temperature, respiration, heart rate, skin conduction. Biofeedback is known to help many symptoms including focus issues, sleep disorders, anxiety, addiction, learning problems, memory issues, and sensory problems.

For more information on these services and how they can help you, contact our office at 318.654.4245 and speak with one of our Board Certified Clinicians.  

**Biofeedback/Neurofeedback Services are currently only offered in our Monroe, Louisiana location.