Ascent Services

Our Memphis staff comes alongside families, both youth and adults, providing care management, access to therapists, crisis response and support. It is our desire to bring quality care to those who need it the most. Ascent Memphis partners with schools and other established child serving agencies in order to identify youth who are or have experienced trauma.

The agency provides in home services as well as clinic services. Our staff can also provide assessments to determine the level of service needed and if referrals need to take place. Each family needs specific care and we are committed to providing quality care meeting the unique needs of the family.

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Who do We Assist?

Ascent Memphis services are available to children, adolescents and adults who deal with complex social, behavioral, or mental health issues. Ascent utilizes a Wraparound model which also incorporate family members and coordinate with organizations in the community that can have a positive impact on the client. 

Call us when an individual is acting out, truant, running away, suicidal, a harm to self or others, abusing substances, or suffering from a mental health condition.