How Can We Help?

Call us if/when you can identify with any of the following:

  • You're struggling with your child/youth's repeated absences from school or refusal to attend school.
  • Your child/youth shows aggression towards others, is bullying others or is being bullied.
  • Your youth's substance use or refusal to comply with home rules is causing major conflict among family members.
  • Your child/youth has or is at risk for harming him/herself.
  • Your child experienced a major loss or change (death, divorce, relocation, etc.) or perhaps a traumatic event and is not adjusting well.
  • Your child is suffering from a mental health condition.
  • Your child has/is suspended, expelled or placed in an alternative school.
  • Your child has trouble with the law or has been placed out of the home for any reason.

**This is not an exclusive list.
For more information, questions, or to speak with Caitlin, our Intake Coordinator, e-mail or call 318.654.4245.


You may submit a referral by filling out a referral form online and by clicking  "submit." For a printable version, click here.  If you have questions, please contact us or call 318-654-4245.