Our Culture

We believe in taking care of one another. We pour into each other more than you would expect a co-worker to with the hope that we all leave with a little something extra.  We're a family.  We each have unique strengths that make us who we are and that make our jobs our own, putting a personal stamp on our work.  From creating innovative ways to work with clients to inventing new ways to entertain each other, creativity is a vital part of our lives at Ascent. 

At Ascent, we encourage everyone to be themselves and share that openness with those around them.  Personal vulnerability brings a sense of closeness that lays a foundation of trust and unlocks the hidden potential in each one of us.  We strive to be an organization that continues to see the light in others and challenge each other to be better employees, friends, parents, spouses, and individuals.

We love Ascent.  We love our family.  Ultimately, each one owns our place to make the Ascent culture extraordinary.


Our Ascent Family is growing fast, and we'd love your help in making the lives of our employees and the families in our community even more special.  Select the region below for job openings.